Why I Might Get Braces Again…

Why I Might Get Braces Again…

Originally published on idontdoclubs.com on May 13, 2013.

I was a pretty cute kid. Golden brown skin, dimples, and hair for days! But my teeth * sigh * My teeth had some issues. So the moment I hit the braces legal age, my mom raced me to Dr. D. Linda Clement’s orthodontist office in Decatur, Georgia to get me a pair!

I liked Dr. Clement. (She had a fly Halle Berry haircut and her office was all shades of purple.) But I didn’t like what she did. Every month, I would climb into her purple leather operating chair and she would poke, prod, and tighten my metal braces. And on special occasions, she’d jam a mold filled with clay down my throat to check the progress.

This was a pretty traumatic experience for a fifth grader. But I held tight to the belief that my braces would be off and teeth straight before I hit middle school and they were…

But then my parents received that fateful call…. “Genese’s braces were put on too tight blah blah blah. She’ll need to have a root canal blah blah blah. And she’ll need braces again.” * the record stops * Say what now?! Nah son! * sigh * But I was a trooper and sucked it up all again in the name of beauty.

My second pair of braces were off by my 16th birthday and more importantly my senior pictures.

But of course my teeth straightening journey was not over. I was given a retainer to wear every night (which I didn’t). After several years, of bucking the retainer system I’m starting to see my teeth shift. So I was excited and intrigued to learn more about Invisalign at the SITS Girls Mini Bloggy Bootcamp.

Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners made of lightweight plastic that sit smoothly on the teeth allowing for a more comfortable fit and they work as effectively as traditional metal braces. Because the aligners can be removed, you can eat, brush and floss, and pop them out for a hot date!

When compared to metal (or even ceramic wire and bracket) braces, the clear aligner option has many benefits. The system usually requires fewer office visits, shorter appointments and no “emergency” visits for broken wires or brackets. (My inner cheek was always getting scratched-up grrr!)

Have I peaked your interest but not sure if you need it? Take the Invisalign Smile Assessment to find out if it is right for you.

Now I know what you’re thinking, this sounds all fine and dandy but how much would this cost me? Invisalign is comparable in cost to traditional braces, is covered by most dental insurance plans, and affordable financing options are always available.

On board? Use Invisalign Doctor Locator to find a provider.

Ok that’s my take on it but have you or someone you know used Invisalign? And if so, what was their experience? Oh and follow Invisalign on Social Media too!

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