Genese Cage

Currently, Genese J. Cage is the Digital Production Manager for EBONY.com, website of the iconic EBONY Magazine. She balances many of the responsibilities you’d expect from a Managing Editor: thinking strategically about how EBONY.com can increase both its market reach and operational efficiency; managing relationships with their vertical editors, freelancers, vendors, and clients; establishing partnerships; and working closely with their sales team to create revenue-generating opportunities. She’s responsible for synthesizing traffic data to inform content strategy, and staying abreast of the latest technologies and best practices. Additionally, having managed projects as large as the EBONY.com redesign and as small as the monthly invoice process for 60+ freelancers, she’s capable of getting involved at both high and baseline levels.

Genese also gained significant project and people-management experience in her previous roles. At Six Flags Corporation, she oversaw 16 websites and producers. During her time at Scholastic.com, she directed the Parents editorial section. And as the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of I Don’t Do Clubs, a growing events and lifestyle blog and mobile app (available on iTunes and Google Play) catering to urban professionals, Genese manages a geographically dispersed team tasked with finding and promoting relevant events in their cities and publishing the details to the website. She’s built trust among her targeted readership, which is evident in the number of people that come out her events.

One thought on “About

  1. Genese, you never cease to amaze (or to BE amazing). Your website is almost as fantastic as you are!! I wish you nothing but continued success.

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